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Your Partner for Explosive TikTok Shops Growth

We help premium D2C brands to massively scale their revenue on TikTok Shops, using our proprietary "4-Pillar Profits" system.

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The Voyager team is trusted by viral brands

Our Services

TikTok Shop Media Buying

$11,500/mo + Rev Share


TikTok Shop Media Buying

You bring the creative, we scale it to the top of the charts.

TikTok Shops Growth Partners

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TikTok Shops Growth Partners

Full service Growth Partners - We launch, manage, and scale your entire TikTok ecosystem.

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100M+ Views

Our team has produced over 100M viral video views on TikTok.

$150M+ Revenue

Our team has produced over $150M in revenue for managed brands.

120+ Influencers

We work with a roster of over 120 Influencers & Creators (and growing).

What Sets Us Apart

Our Philosophy

Our mission:
Helping 100 brands achieve legendary growth via TikTok Shops.

Our methodology:
Our proprietary "4-Pillar Profit" Framework.

Who is a great fit:
D2C brands that can handle a rapid level of growth.

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